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"The Right to life,
Right not to be tortured or subjected to inhumane treatment,
Right not to be held as a slave,
Right to liberty and security of the person,
Right to a fair trial,
Right not be retrospectively convicted for a crime,
right to a private and family life,
Right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion,
Right to freedom of expression,
Right to freedom of assembly and association
Right to marriage,
Right to an effective remedy,
Right not to be discriminated against
The right to the peaceful enjoyment of oneís property
The right to an education.

Human Rights


take note. loves listening. Interviews are one of our core competencies and we have conducted interviews on a multitude of interesting subjects with a multitude of interesting individuals in Switzerland, Germany, Spain, the US and in the United Kingdom.

Our preferred medium are inter.docís.

This speciality is a combination between interview and documentary with 80% interview content and 20% documentary content explaining the why (the reasons the interviewee is giving this interview), the history (of the subject and the interviewee) and the background (information required for optimum understanding of the subject). strictly follows the 5 inter.doc 2015 rules (similar to the Dogme 95 rules presented by filmmaker Lars von Trier in 1995):

1. Uninfluenced, unbiased, uncensored

2. Independently founded

3. Produced in English or translated

4. Produced in 4K minimum resolution

5. No superficial subjects, but only serious, complex issues

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