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"The faculty of desire in accordance with concepts, in-so-far as the ground determining it to action lies within itself and not in its object, is called a faculty to "do or to refrain from doing as one pleases".

Insofar as it is joined with one's consciousness of the ability to bring about its object by one's action it is called choice (Willkür);
if it is not joined with this consciousness its act is called a wish.

The faculty of desire whose inner determining ground, hence even what pleases it,
lies within the subject's reason is called the will (Wille).

The will is therefore the faculty of desire considered not so much in relation to action (as choice is) but rather in relation to the ground determining choice in action.

The will itself, strictly speaking, has no determining ground; insofar as it can determine choice, it is instead practical reason itself."

Immanuel Kant


take note. was founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 2005 as a global news agency. created and maintained numerous online news outlets (magazines, blogs, research outlets) attracting millions of visitors per month.

In 2011 we decided to expand our activity into interviews and documentaries and produced 150+ documentary movies and a multitude of interviews, for example with Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks or Professor Otto E. Roessler, founder of the Chaos Theory.

In 2013, a documentary production made it into the renowned Sheffield Documentary Film festival in Sheffield, England.

In 2014, moved it's headquarters to London, United Kingdom and expanded into publishing (fiction and non-fiction).

Finally, in 2019, we decided to operate from both the UK and Switzerland and offer our extensive know-how in documentary production, interviews, movie making, news and publishing as a service to our customers.

If course, we still produce our own content (non-commercial) - but in order to finance our non lucrative activities we welcome customers for both commercial and mainly artistic projects. is a non-mainstream news outlet. Money is not our main goal; whatever we make through our commercial productions for customers we reinvest in our non-commercial activities. And in our creative areas we are committed to provide an alternate view, to expand know-how, to expose the hidden, in essence, to provide information in uncommon ways, on controversial subjects, give a voice to the unheard, an eye to the unseen or unobserved.

Or main strengths are a global network of seasoned professionals, are small footprint and thus low-cost structure and flexibility and finally, and most importantly, our unconditional love for what we do.

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